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Full Stack Web Development
(3 Months: ₦150,000)

This course is designed for both beginners with some programming experience or experienced developers looking to scale up their web development skills!

Course Objective:

  • Understand all the basic details, techniques and principles of computer programming which would be a solid foundation to build your career path.
  • Develop a website from scratch writing all the codes by yourself, this would eventually be your student's project.
  • Understand basic business intelligent principles for Tech Start-Ups.
  • Understand JavaScript as a client-side programming language.
  • Develop applications such has countdown timer, to-do-list, bookmarker, JavaScript Scientific Calculator etc using the knowledge of vanilla JavaScript.
  • Build Front End Applications using JavaScript Frameworks
  • Learn how to implement simple online payment on their websites
  • Learn how to register a domain name and successfully host a website on a live server.
  • Understand basic business intelligent principles for Tech Start-Ups.
  • Understand core PHP as a server-side programming language.
  • Develop applications using the knowledge of industry standard Design Patterns (MVC), and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Paradigms.
  • Develop web based applications like online-shopping cart, content management systems, virtual banking web applications, social media applications like Facebook.
  • Develop a scalable fintech application wit understanding of payment gateway API Integrations /li>
  • Learn how to register a domain name and successfully host a website on a live server.
  • Get a free domain registration and hosting for their portfolio website.


  • Become a freelance web developer and earn from home doing remote jobs, outsourced jobs (This is what most developers do and earn forex).
  • Get job opportunities in companies as web developer, software engineers, computer programmers, IT personnel etc
  • Get 3 months’ internship opportunity with us after you are certified a full stack web and software developer (you have completed all the modules)


Programming Principles and Techniques

Internet Technology and Terminologies


Styling pages with CSS & HTML

Building a Fashion and Automobile Website (1st Project)

Bootstrap HTML & CSS Framework

Development of Personal Portfolio Website (2nd Project)

Web Hosting Techniques (CPanel, Creating emails, Creating Subdomain, Addons etc)

Version control with Git (Git branching, merging, stashing & rebasing)

Team Collaboration with Github, Pull requests, Git workflow

JavaScript Fundamentals

Variables and Data Types

Variable Mutation and Type Coercion

Contact App Development

Javascript: DOM Manipulation and events

Events and Event Handling

JavaScript Operators, Arrays, Objects

Advanced JavaScript: Objects and Functions

Scientific Calculator Development

JavaScript Libraries and Framework

JQuery Front-End Programming

JavaScript Front-End Framework

PHP programming fundamentals

Basic PHP app Development

Form processing with PHP

Development of a PHP Calculator Application

Advanced PHP Programming

Understanding Arrays, Functions etc

MySQL Database

MySQL Schema Design

Writing SQL queries

Application development with PHP and MySQL

Fintech banking Project

Software Design Patterns

Object Oriented Programming

Upgrading Fintech Banking Project using OOP

Programming Week for Students

Building Enterprise Solutions

Minimum of 3 Web based projects

Application Programming Interface

Understanding Microservices Techniques

Building APIs with PHP and NodeJS

Understandind Backend Frameworks

Laravel PhP


Understanding Frontend Frameworks

VueJS, ReactJs

All Projects will be hosted on Each students portfolio website.

Starting Session Dates For 2019

February 5th,2019

April 2nd, 2019

June 4th, 2019

August 6th, 2019

October 2nd, 2019

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